The MTF contributes to the transport debate by making submissions on current topics and to open inquiries on behalf of its member local governments. Submissions reflect

  • the MTF Statement of Purposes (see Constitution)
  • studies and research commissioned by the MTF
  • generally agreed positions on transport topics

Submissions are developed in conjunction with member councils, discussed at the executive, and are circulated and endorsed at a general meeting.

State budget submission 2019,2020

The submission focuses on buses as an overlooked public transport mode in a time of rapid population growth, transport congestion and major ...

State Budget Submission 2013,2014

The MTF made a comprehensive submission to the 2013,2014 state budget

Growth Corridor Plans

The Growth Areas Authority released draft Growth Corridor Plans in November 2011 and invited public comment. MTF growth corridor councils Ca...

State budget submission 2012,2013

The MTF made a comprehensive transport submission for the 2012/2013 state budget. It included a Better Stations project in which councils of...

Submissions 2011

Submissions include -State budget 2011/2012 -COAG proposal for heavy vehicle pricing

Taxi Industry Inquiry

The Taxi Industry Inquiry of 2011 was the subject of an MTF meeting and submission. Many local governments also contributed.

Victorian Speed Limit Review 2011

In June 2011 VicRoads was asked by the State Government to undertake a holistic review of speed limits.

Submissions 2010

See submission on state transport budget for 2010 / 2011

Submission 2009

See submissions on Urban Growth Boundary, Climate Change Green Paper, Planning and Environment Act, Swanston St redevelopment, both Federal ...
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