MTF Level Crossing Removals - Learnings for Local Government

Andrea Macdonald, Urban Interface, was commissioned by the MTF to do a research project to explore and summarise learnings from level crossing removal projects in order to assist member councils best manage their role in the ongoing roll out of these projects in Melbourne. The project arose from an MTF planning session which identified advocacy priorities for level crossing removals and buses.

The project sought to capture learnings from past projects, then explored emerging issues from the current set of level crossing removals in this government term.

The report is available via the link below.

Also available is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation delivered by Andrea at the MTF April 2016 General Meeting   

The MTF also agreed at its May General Meeting to prepare a concise guide on the learning's identified through the project as an aid to Local Government in responding to the challenges and opportunities arising from the State Government's Level Crossing Removal Program.

The Guide is also available via the link below.



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