Todd Litman: transport and social inclusion, Wednesday 25th March

Event details:

Lecture on the role of transport in encouraging social inclusion.

Date: Wednesday 25th March 2009

Time: 9.00am - 10.30am

Venue: 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Level 5 Corporate Centre,


Please RSVP by Monday 23 March and register your attendance by telephoning 9655 6070 or emailing

As you may have heard, the well-known Canadian transport economist, Todd Litman, will be in Australia in March and the Economics and Transport Modelling Branch of the Department of Transport has arranged for him to visit Melbourne.

Professor Litman is Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, British Columbia, Canada.

His areas of expertise include:

Travel Demand Management - planning and evaluation;

Sustainable transport - energy conservation and emission reduction


Transit and multi-modal planning, and

Transit-oriented development.

More information is provided in his CV at .

Andrew Trembath, Director Economics and Transport Modelling, in

consultation with colleagues from the Department of Transport and the Department of Planning and Community Development invites you to the following session.

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