Doncaster Transit Options Forum, 6th November 2008


The MTF with Cities of Melbourne, Manningham and Yarra, and the Centre for Governance and Management of Urban Transport (GAMUT) jointly hosted a forum to explore public transport options for theDoncastercorridor.

The forum was held at City of Manningham offices on Thursday 6th November 2008 and featured the following speakers

·Professor Bill Russell, GAMUT, University of Melbourne

·Professor Rob Adams, Director Design & Environment, City of Melbourne

·Claude Cullino, Director Assets & Engineering, City of Manningham

·Jane Monk, Chair, Priority Development Panels

·Andrew Cornwall, CEO, Ventura National Bus

·Martin Baggott, Business Stream Leader- Rail, GHD Consulting Engineers

·Steve Manders, Transport and Logistics Adviser

·Peter Huddle, Asset General Manager, Westfield Pty Ltd.

With contributions from

·Professor Peter Newman, Curtin University & Infrastructure Australia

·Rob Gell, Executive Director, Access Environmental Pty Ltd

See presentations on pt4me2 website

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