MTF Loves Buses - 2nd October 2019

Exploring the role and opportunities for local governments to improve bus services in their municipalities.

The Metropolitan Transport Forum and member councils want buses play a greater role in delivering high class public transport options to more Melbournians. As is often quoted, the only public transport options available to 70% of Melbourne are buses, many operating infrequently on indirect routes with few passengers.

 While Melbourne is set to benefit from a very welcome and much needed investment in transport, including city shaping rail projects, the MTF also believes that long term and visionary investment in buses is required.

 To strengthen and enhance the understanding of councils about the potential of buses, the MTF recently held a forum for council staff and councillors called MTF Loves Buses.

 This forum was attended by over 60 people from over 29 Melbourne councils. There was a lot of 'love' in the room for buses. Speakers and presentations are as follows:

  • The role of buses now and into the future: Jordana Blank, Cait Jones, Department of Transport
  • Busways project in Brisbane:  Les Carter,MRCagney
  • Immediate actions to tackle congestion:  Caitlin Ryan, Infrastructure Victoria
  • What councils can do to improve bus services:  Professor Graham Currie, Monash University
  • Information systems - Arevo journey planner app, Elizabeth Kim, RACV
  • Using bus patronage data:  Philip Mallis, City of Darebin
  • Local bus priority opportunities:  Knowles Tivendale, Movement & Place Consulting
  • Case study of Footscray Station Interchange:  Harry Barber, Phillip Boyle and Associates
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