Results of MTF executive elections, February 2020

The election of the office bearers and executive for 2020 took place at the first general meeting of the year on Wednesday February 5th 2020. Results are as follows:

Chair Cr Jonathon Marsden (Hobsons Bay)

Deputy Chair Cr Andrea Surace (Moonee Valley)

Secretary Cr Tom Melican (Banyule)

Treasurer Cr Anna Chen (Manningham)

General member Cr Jackie Fristacky(Yarra)

General member Cr Lina Messina(Darebin)

General member Cr Bruce Lancashire (Brimbank)

General member Cr Stuart James (Monash)

and officers appointed at the AGM, September 2019

Executive officer Susie Strain

Finance officer Lynn Dean

About the MTF executive

The MTF executive is established to

(a) manage the business and affairs of the Association as delegated by the members; and

(b) report back to each general meeting on its activities.

Executive membership comprises:

(a) a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall all be authorised delegates; and

(b) up to 4 other authorised delegates.

Authorised delegates are eligible for election as office bearers and members of the executive - see executive membership nomination form.  Authorised delegates are nominated by member councils following the mayoral election at the end of the calendar year. The MTF executive election takes place at the February meeting of the following year.  For those wishing to nominate, please complete and return the attached executive election nomination form to the executive officer one week prior to the election date.

The constitution requires that the proposer and seconder are from MTF members other than that of the nominee. Refer to list of MTF members and authorised delegates.

Executive Nomination Form

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