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The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) is a local government interest group for transport in metropolitan Melbourne . It has been established for over 20 years.

Membership : Twenty five metropolitan local governments currently constitute the membership. Each member nominates both a councillor and officer delegate. There are also eighteen associate members from across the transport sector. See membership for current members and associates.

Aim: the MTF works towards effective, efficient and equitable transport in metropolitan Melbourne by providing a forum for debate, research and policy development, and sharing and disseminating information to improve transport choices.

Activities: The MTF meets monthly to discuss transport topics of current interest and also distributes information across the sector, hosts events of topical interest, makes submissions to government and conducts research to better inform policy. In addition the MTF fosters relationships with state government agencies to better represent local governments' viewpoint, establish partnerships and improve project delivery.

Key personnel:

Chair: Cr Martin Zakharov, City of Maribyrnong

Deputy Chair: Cr Tom Melican, City of Banyule

Executive Officer: Susie Strain, mtf@mtf.org.au

See Executive for rest of executive for 2018

Membership benefits:

A member or associate can expect the following

  • Attend a monthly meeting on a topic relevant to transport in Melbourne
  • Represent a particular or agency viewpoint to others in the sector
  • Contribute to current debates
  • Particpate in advocacy
  • Opportunity to influence decision making at state level
  • Keep up to date with topical issues
  • Notification of events, conferences, speaking occasions,
  • Information sharing to improve general practice
  • Network / make useful contact with others in the transport sector

Member councils have the right to vote at the general monthly meeting.


Note that from time to time the MTF may advocate to state or federal government on behalf of its member local governments. In such cases the views presented are independent of the views of the associate members.

Meeting schedule 2018




February 7th

Transport for Victoria

Gillian Miles

March 7th

State Bicycle Strategy and Bike Share

Jeremy Hanlin, Active Transport Unit
Monica Morona, Mobike

April 4th

Rail development in Melbourne

John Hearsch, Rail Futures Institute

May 2nd

Buses in Sydney James Semple, City of Brimbank

June 76h


Marion Terrill, Grattan Institute

July 4th



August 1st

Melbourne's major transport projects Michel Masson, CEO,  
Infrastructure Victoria

September 5th



October 3rd

tbc tbc

November 7th

tbc tbc

December 5th



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