Coming meeting Wednesday August 5th 

Ian Goodes, City of Whitehorse, will present on the experience of 5 grade separations in the municipality.  A strategic priority for the MTF is to advocate for thorough consultation and engagement processes to ensure good local outcomes as well as network benefits from the grade separation projects.

Meetings for 2015  -  speakers have been organised as follows:

  • September:  John Merritt, CEO, VicRoads
  • October:  Chris Carpenter, General Manager, Bicycle Network
  • November:  to be confirmed
  • December:  Simon Gandy, Acting CEO, Melbourne Airport


The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) is an advocacy group comprising members from Melbourne metropolitan local government, associate members representing transport companies, and participants from the State Government and environment groups.

The MTF endeavours to promote effective, efficient and equitable transport in metropolitan Melbourne and improved transport choices by 

  • providing a forum for debate among members of the transport sector
  • encouraging information sharing among member local governments
  • representing local government viewpoint to decision makers
  • fostering and sponsoring research on occasion
  • seeking to influence transport policy and project implementation in the broader metropolitan interest
  • working with local government counterparts
  • enabling networking and collaboration between local and state government 
  • disseminating information on transport topics. 

The MTF holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month which includes a presentation on a transport topic of interest and relevance to local governments.  Meetings are open to all, please contact mtf@mtf.org.au if interested to attend.

The year to date

Presentations for the early part of the year have been as follows. Presentations, and minutes which contain a summary of the presentations are on the website

  • February 4th, Kerry Thompson, Chair Western Transport Alliance will present on transport issues and options in the west
  • March 4th, Mark Wild, CEO of Public Transport Victoria, will talk about PTV's work and plans
  •  April 1st,   Clement Michel, CEO Yarra Trams, is scheduled to present on coming initiatives for the tram network 
  • May 6th, Steve Manders, Jacobs Consulting, on Port of Melbourne and site options for additional container capacity    
  • June 3rd, Kim Dovey, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at University of Melbourne, on intensifying Melbourne.              
  • July 1st, Allen Garner & Chris Loader, PTV, on Regional Rail Link Geelong to Melbourne rail and supporting bus networks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .

Note also the MTF Officer Bearers and Executive for 2015 (as elected at the February meeting) are as follows:

Office bearers

Chair:   Cr Tom Melican (City of Banyule)

Deputy Chair: Cr Martin Zakharov (City of Maribyrnong)

Treasurer: Cr. Jackie Fristacky (City of Yarra)

Secretary: Paul Hamilton (City of Casey)

General committee

Cr Glenn Goodfellow (City of Wyndham)

Cr Thomas Sounness (City of Glen Eira)

Cr Oliver Walsh (City of Darebin)

Clare Davey (City of Boroondara)

The MTF thanks retiring executive members of 2014 Cr Andrew Munroe(City of Whitehorse) and Cr Lenka Thompson (City of Moreland).  The MTF also welcomes those new to the MTF executive Cr Thomas Sounness (City of GlenEira), Cr Oliver Walsh (City of Darebin) and Clare Davey(City of Boroondara). and looks forward to working with them in 2015.

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